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State Board Meeting Minutes Archive

IWOCP Meeting May 19, 2017

The IWOCP meeting was called to order by Pres. Ellen Wilson-Pruitt onFriday May 19,2017 at the Bloomington Convention Center. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Ellen remarked that the minutes would be on archive on the internet.

CCJung reported $5435.05 in the treasury with $ 8378.88 in savings. Membership should send WOCP dues in by June 1. Sharen Edwards audited the books and reported no discrepancies.

The school is ready for opening in July with a few openings still available.

Th previous slate of officers will remain for the upcoming year. The slate was voted upon and received a unanimous vote and were unceremoniously installed.

Instructions for State Fair display were distributed. July 29 is date to bring pieces to fair. Demonstrators are needed. No judging this year except People's Choice award.

Bertie David reported that Kokomo will be in charge of the next convention. Dates to be May 9,10,11.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting to be on June 17 at Lincoln Square, 10:30 am.

Respectfully submitted

Joyce A Dwulet

Joyce A. Dwulet, sec.

Members attending: joyce Dwulet, Linda Lane, Marjorie Ryves, Alana Deno, Sharen Edwards, CJ Laster, Claudia Lindman,Bertie David ,Neva Boyce,Irene Adams, Shirley Buis,Nancy Price, Leanna Sherman, Carolyn Jung, Helen Hammond, Bettie Bields, Ellen Wilson-Pruitt

IWOCP Meeting March 18, 2017

The March state meeting was held at Lincoln Square with President Ellen Wilson- Pruitt presiding. Minutes were read and approved. Treasurer Linda Lane reported 4867.86 in checking and 8378.74 in savings. Linda reminded that dues for IWOCP and State are 48 in total.

Business: Hoosier Guild has dissolved but will transfer their membership to other surrounding guilds.

Nancy Bergman cannot be at convention but will send supplies if needed.

Convention. Registrations for convention banquet, Friday box lunch and Thursday workshop were distributed. Convention duties were discussed again.

State Fair: Regina and Ellen reported that a lawsuit had been filed against the Indiana State Fair and IWOCP received a subpoenaed for specified records said lawsuit. Regina will present them although many are not available . The State Fair has offered IWOCP the opportunity to continue to display at the State Fair for one dollar but will not be involved in giving ribbons. After much discussion, the motion was made by Joyce Dwulet that IWOCP continue to display only at the fair and that no ribbons will be awarded except for a People's Choice Award chosen by the general public. This will be an exhibit only and no competition. There will be no ribbons and no awards,and all members are encouraged to display their paintings and demonstrations will still be given. The motion was seconded by Leanna Sherman. The vote was unanimous by all attending. Attending members were Irene Adams, Regina Vandivier, Stephanie Manley, Laura Taube, Sharen Edwards, CJ Laster, Betty Ward, Neva Boyce, Lutska Bryant, CC Jung, Carol Pshese, Norma Keller,Shirley Buis,Leanna Sherman, Ellen Wilson- Pruitt,joyce Dwulet, Sherry Hoefling Linda Lane.

Next Meeting at the convention and then Lincoln Square on June 17.

Respectfully submitted

Joyce Dwulet


APRIL 14, 2016

ATTENDANCE: Sherry Hoefling- Convention President, Carolyn Jung- treasurer, Irene Adams- recording secretary, Ellen Wilson Pruitt- New Dimensions, Shirley Bui- PFS, Leanna Sherman- PFS, Stephanie Manley- Bloomington, Claudia Lindman-Blooms, Alana Deno-Lafayette P.A., Bettie Fields-Hoosier, Helen Hammond-Pallette Talk, CJ Laster-new Dimensions, Evelyn DeVeritch-Blooms, Jeanine Careg-Central, Sharen Edwards-Central.

1. Not for Profit – Meeting to came to order by 2017 President Ellen Wilson Pruitt who signed off with motion carried by Bettie and seconded by Leanna. All in favor, Not for Profit meeting adjourned.

2. WOCP Board meeting called to order. Ellen thanked Claudia and Sherry for a wonderful Convention. Minutes from last year’s convention read online was “approved by all”. Convention members and Vendors all agreed that the Convention was a success and satisfied with the number of Vendors that we have. All felt that the size of the room was spacious for movement and sales. Only concern was not enough chairs for seating.

3. Treasurer’s Report CC Jung reported that WOCP dues are increasing. $40 + state is $8.00 effective May 15, 2016. The State Organization moved that the state fee of $8. be waived this year. 2016 dues remain at $40.00. 2017 year’s dues will be $48.00. An additional $5.00 will be assessed for each Associate dues. CC Jung mentioned that she also paid WOCP to ship Museum pieces back to Indiana

4. The “Garage sale was a huge success. $815.00 collected.

5. 2017 Convention: Hoping to return to Serendipity but no date has been due to negotiations with Serendipity’s building owner and the Mall to determine dates and contracts.

2017 Convention theme is “ Recipe for Fun”( not necessarily all cooking recipes). Idea is that the attendees at convention will get a collection of “recipes” to take home.

Guild assignments were discussed. Guild duties are also posted in the convention book. Negotiation rates are still needed for hotels.

Some other discussions included: Paint-in’s are becoming less popular and that the Silent Auction was not fruitful.( brought in between $12 – 1300.00). Will brain storm ideas for next year. The goal is to have fun and not to be a money maker. We need to make just enough money to keep us afloat.

Amy Carroll will be our Guest Artist.

6. Next board meeting. Meeting is purposely set later this year at which time we should know something concrete as to Serendipity’s negotiation results.. Discussed dates for next year’s Convention. To avoid conflicts with Texas show and also Michigan, Missouri and Iowa perhaps week after Easter (April 19-20, 2017 with set up on the 18) would be a better choice to hold Indiana Convention.

7. 2017 Slate of Officers. President - Ellen Wilson Pruitt, Vice President – Sherry Hoefling, Secretary and Show Chair – Joyce Dwulet, Treasurer – CC Jung, Auditor- Sharon Pampalone, Historian – Stephanie Manley.

8. China Painter Magazine. Concern is that the Convention information is not getting into the magazine in timely manner especially now that magazine is sent out quarterly. Need to submit information well ahead of the time for the next issue. The standard is to send your information to the China Painter the week your receive magazine in the mail. Ellen mentioned also to publicize that people need to look into the WOCP website for most current information and not totally depend on looking at the China Painter.

9. Historian: Installation of Officers done. Stephanie asked that pictures and description of each officer be submitted. She also requested to submit same information from each club to be placed into the books for historical information.

10. Meeting adjourned.

11 . Next State board meeting is set for June 25, 2016 at 10:30 in Lincoln Square Restaurant 7308 East 21 street adjacent to the Marriott East, 21 and Shadeland.


September 26, 2015 

The meeting was held at the Lincoln Square restaurant. 13 members were present representing 5 guilds. President Sherry Hoefling called the meeting to order. Minutes of the June 20meeting were read by Joyce Dewalet. CC reported that the treasury has $ 8,375.92 in the savings account and $262.48 in Checking. Ellen Wilson Pruitt and Linda Lane moved and seconded both the reports be accepted.

State Fair: Ellen reported that one complaint was received by the Fair board. It was not accepted as it was filed past the deadline. There was active interest in the display and in the demonstrations. As a result, two new students are in Phyllis’s class and an art club in Irvine, an area of Indianapolis, have contacted Joyce and asked for a program on china painting! It was suggested that we have a sign up sheet on the demo table offering to present such programs to organizations in the community.

2016 PASI: CC reported that 42 are currently registered. Sylvia Beython and Brenda Morgan Moore’s classes are filled. Turner and Mariella each have one opening. The other classes have more openings. Barbara Bougher has changed her subject from poppies to an orangatange. New flyers will have the updated photo.

2015 World Show: Leanna and CC attended the show in Mobile, Alabama. There were only 100 pre registrations. Very few attended the Board meeting. The show was disappointing.

2016 Indiana Show: Claudia reported that she contacted the Harrison County Visitors Bureau. They have sent us a list of Motels that will offer a group rate. Some even offer shuttle service. The committee will make a decision on this soon. The Bureau will also give us gift bags for our show. Claudia will pass this info onto the guild covering registration. 30 letters have been sent to potential vendors. Evie will be phoning 2015 vendors to see how many are interested in booths in the 2016 show. Leanna said that Rebecca Sigman, who does enameling on glass and bisque, is interested in coming since Leanna promised her a seminar before or after the show. Claudia will contact the Indiana State Gaming Commission to see what needs to be done in order to continue our raffles.

Nominating committee for 2017: Linda, Helen Hammond and Leanna reported that Ellen Wilson Pruitt has agreed to be president. They will report on the rest of the board to be filled soon.

Indiana Bicentennial: Harrison House: Phyllis and Ellen are contacting the Benjamin Harrison Home to offer to conduct a workshop open to the public to try out china painting. They would charge participants a fixed amount to paint either a bird or duck salt and pepper shakers. We have 36 left over from the 2015 Show. Phyllis would bring her small kiln so they could be fired quickly.

State Park: Ellen reports that the State Park Service is also celebrating the Bicentennial. Ellen is suggesting that we offer to set up a china painting display in each of the State Park lodges. This would promote our art form. Joyce moved and Betty Ward seconded the motion. The motion was passed. Ellen will proceed to contact the committee.

New Business: Amy Carroll presented two suggestion for promoting our art form. She suggests that we offer three hour classes at a cost of less than $40 including piece and supplies to persons interested in trying china painting. The classes could be advertised on the internet, at the Speedway center for the Arts and other venues around the State. She feels a longer class through PASI is too intimating for most people. Ellen, and Sherry will work with Amy on this proposal.

Amy also reported that the Speedway Art Center plans to do an exhibit on China Painting through the past 100 years. They will want to show pieces from past and contemporary artists. They plan to do a documentary which could be shown on television. We were all excited to hear these ideas from Amy.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40. The next meeting will be at the State Show April 13.The time will be announced later.

Respectfully submitted,

Claudia Lindman, secretary pro tem.

IWOCP Meeting June 20, 2015 - Minutes

Meeting of Indiana WOCP held at Lincoln Square Restaurant, 7308 E. 21 Street, Indpls, was called to order at 11 am by President Sherry Hoefling.

Secretary Irene Adams was unable to attend and requested C.j. Laster record minutes of the meeting. Since the reading of previous minutes from April meeting was lengthy and due to the venue as well as that the majority of attendees held paper copies, it was moved by Ellen Wilson Pruitt and seconded by Linda Lane that minutes be approved as posted on line. An attendance sheet was passed that listed 14 members attended and represented Bartholomew, Central, Blooms, Kokomo, New Dimensions, and Firing Squad.

Treasurer “CC” (Carolyn Jung) stated current balance on hand of $3,330.46. She also recognized there is a grant that goes to PASI, Porcelain Art School of Indiana.

Convention 2015 Report – From April 8 & 9, itemized balance sheet was presented

that listed incomes totaling $8,522.72 and itemized expenses of $5,181.26, giving a profit report of $3,341.46. . The new venue of Serendipity at Metropolis was a learning experience but it was the consensus that the show was fun and not over done…a good job by all.

State Fair 2015 – dates are August 7 – 23. Ellen Wilson Pruitt reminded us that there are links on our website, and to use caution for U.S. mail dates; on-line registration seems to be the preferred method. Remember to consider demonstrating at the fair whether you enter a piece or not.

Proposed Idea to consider - Harrison House and the Bi-Centennial. It’s a possible project lead by Phyllis Gladded to use remaining salt/pepper shakers from Convention paint-in and paint the birds as Indiana State bird, the Cardinal. This could be done as a demonstration, a program, a class, etc. to continue to showcase china painting.

Nominating Committee - President Sherry Hoefling requested volunteers to serve as committee to locate slate of officers for 2017, keeping in mind that for 2018 the North will have the Show and President. Big thanks to Linda Lane, Lee Ann Sherman, and Helen Hammond for taking on this task !

P A S I Report – Ellen Wilson Pruitt, Co-Director, stated that as of the Boards last meeting 61 students had registered. There are still openings in some of the classes but see Registrar “C.C’” Carolyn Jung for teachers still available. Be aware there are always last minute changes due to emergencies and cancellations so the number of students could change or perhaps your favorite teacher has an opening. School is always a great learning experience so come on down to the Sheraton on the Circle. Remember that Kathy Peterson of The Good Stuff china shop will be coming from the state of Washington . If not attending, come visit during Open House and pick up needed supplies. School for 2016 also has a great line-up of teachers and the brochures are being printed now. Be excited that those who pay next year’s tuition in full at registration will be entered into a drawing for credit of $100 on tuition. She further reminded us that credit cards are accepted, and that tuition dollars can be transferred. As always, the deposit of $75 is non-refundable. As received, the receipts are numbered and logged and are then bundled for each day.

Show 2016 – IWOCP Convention will be hosted by clubs/guilds Blooms of Bloomington, Hoosier China Painters, and Bartholomew . Show Chair Claudia Lindman presented theme “In the Garden with Birds, Bees, and Butterflies” scheduled for April 13 & 14 at Serendipity in Metropolis which will be changing name to Shoppes at Prairie Crossing. Having recently had our first convention at this location, notes, lists, and concerns have been noted and steps are being taken to address these issues. This includes plans to contact Hendricks County Visitors Bureau for additional advertising as well as helping negotiate a set rate at a hotel for our group. Other items include use of a larger or other rooms instead of the hallway, as well as a microphone/ sound system. Clubs will be notified of duties by Helen Hammond. As of now, Raffle will be handled by Kokomo ( a few tickets were handed over to members present). Central will be taking on the money maker, formerly handled so well by Sherry Hoefling. Show fliers were passed out by Claudia, with more to come.

General discussion regarding a sound system was had that resulted in proposal moved by Lee Ann Sherman and seconded by Ellen Wilson Pruitt. Motion carried that the President be authorized to spend up to $100 for a sound system to be purchased for use by IWOCP, which may be loaned on occasion, ie: to PASI for the school.

W O C P - World Show in Mobile, AL week of August 17-22. President Sherry Hoefling is unable to attend but Indiana will be represented by two delegates Lee Ann Sherman and “CC” Carolyn Jung. They will be driving to the show so members are encouraged to bring nicely painted pieces to place on the Indiana table. Get china to the ladies or bring to PASI for transportation. Please have china & easel labeled with name and items packed really well.

Fund Raiser for PASI – there will not be a tea/luncheon this year. Artists Phyllis Gladden, Barb Bougher, and Helen Hammond have come together to host a 3 day Team Teaching Seminar that includes lunch each day for $110. Forms were given to clubs to get to members. Classes are limited in size so standard guidelines apply….all classes will fill fast on a first pay, first come basis. Barb will teach an animal or scene and Phyllis will team teach with her by teaching the painting the border in a pinecone or holly design. Helen will have free form and/or holiday ornament pieces and guidelines. Seminar will be at Phyllis’ house which is in traveling distance for most or reasonably priced hotels near by.

2017 Show / Convention - ‘teaser’ by Ellen Wilson Pruitt….theme will be Recipe for Fun. ( let your imagine simmer on this or cook something up ! ) Location of choice is Serendipity; details to follow at later date.

Next IWOCP meeting - President Sherry Hoefling

Saturday, September 26, 2015

11 am ( purchase your own lunch)

Lincoln Square Restaurant

7308 E. 21 Street, Indianapolis

( near I-465 and Shadeland at 21 street)

Motion - meeting be adjourned by Ellen Wilson Pruitt

2 by Linda Lane

Carried, meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully prepared & submitted by C.J. Laster, Secretary Pro-Temp

 State meeting April 8, 2015

Attending: Ellen Wilson Pruitt-New Dimensions, Irene Adams- New Dimensions, Nedra Steury-Palette Talk, Gretchen Bryant- Kokomo Porcelain Artists, Neva Boyce- Kokomo, Leanna Sherman -PFS, Helen Hammond-Pallete Talk, Stephanie Monleg- Blooms, CJ Laster New Dimensions, Barb Bougher- Pallette Talk, Llana Deno- Lafayette P. Artists, Marjorie Rynes,-Lafayette P. Artists, Janine Carey- Central , Bettie Fields-Hoosier, Patty Kimmich- Hoosier, Carolyn Jung-New Dimensions, Patricia Bonteager-Kokomo, Claudia Lindman, Blooms, Sherry Hoefling- Bartholomew.

1. Not for profit -Meeting to order by President Sherry Hoefling, April 9, 2015. Motion carried by Helen Hammond and secured asking for new Business, non-profit. No new or old business, meeting adjourned.

2. State Board meeting called to order by President Sherry Hoefling

3. Reading of the Treasurer’s report delayed as the books waiting Audit.

4. Reading of the Sect report was noted the same as prior meeting on 4-8-15

5. Update from Ellen Wilson-Pruitt for the Porcelain Art school was noted same as yesterday 4-8-15

6. State Fair, Regina was not available for an update

7. Old Business…$20 tickets for Mobile, Alabama WOCP in August, please see Leanna Sherman if interested in purchasing any tickets

8. New Business…

1. For the most part, had positive feedback from attendees and vendors regarding site, and length of convention.

2. Convention for next year. Email Sherry Hoefling regarding what was good and where we need improvements. Include ideas to make it better. One of the suggestions brought up was to introduce winners, along with their artwork at the banquet, so people could see faces along with names. Ellen will be adding more explanatory messages in her newsletter.

3. Leanna and Sherry as State Representatives will be going to WOCP Convention and will take artwork for the Indiana display and bring it back. Bring your pieces to School on that Wednesday and have any easels and packages marked accordingly.

7. Next State meeting will be held at Saturday June 20 at 11 AM Lincoln Square Restaurant located at 7308 East 21 street, Indpls, IN (Next to the Marriott on 21 Street).

9. Claudia gave preliminary information regarding next year’s Convention. Dates are April 13&14 and vendor set up will be April 12 in the afternoon . The theme is In the Garden with bird, bees and Butterflies. , 3 Southern clubs, Bartholomew, Hoosier and Bloom of Bloomington are hosting the 2016 convention at Serendipity’s in Plainfield, IN . List of duties will be given at the June meeting.

10. Ellen encouraged everyone to review the WOCP online as a great source of information and communication to check for updates.

11. Guild Treasurers will need to send membership money and forms to CC Jung since she is the new treasurer as of April 8 2016.

12. Motion to adjourn was made by Leanna and seconded by Helen.


State Board Meeting

September 27, 2014

Held at the Fairfield Friends Church

Camby IN

The meeting was called to order by President LeAnna Sherman at 10:40 AM. The minutes were accepted as read. The treasury has $2511.06 in the checking account and $8375.72 in the savings account.

Old Business: Phyllis Gladden reported that the 2014 convention was successful, with a profit of $1327.31. It was noted that everyone worked hard together to make the convention a success, despite a decline in participation and attendance. A motion was made by Phyllis that the article about the Peony project as well as an article that appeared in the China Decorator be appended to the to the State Board minutes. A motion to do so was seconded and carried by majority vote.

The treasurer’s report to the auditor was accepted.

PASI: The new dates for the School are July 12 to the 17 of July. Presently 52 painters are registered with at least three painters in every class. It is expected that some people will want to switch at a later date. Phyllis passed along a suggestion by Ellen Wilson Pruitt that IWOCP advertise the school in the China Painter’s and the Porcelain Artist Magazines. The cost of this would be $350 dollars. A motion to place ads was given and carried. Claudia Lindman also suggested that LeAnna put information about our school and convention in the calendar of events in the China Painter magazine. Carolyn Jung (CC) made a suggestion that school participants would be allowed to make payments on their tuition throughout the year instead of having a lump sum before the school. This was considered a good idea and CC (?) is working on setting this up. Regina Vandiver reported that she passed out flyers at the IPAT convention to advertise the school and had a small display that Helen Hammond kindly let her set up at her booth. Regina continues to work on the Christmas Tea benefiting the school. So far she has sold 36 tickets. Last year’s Tea had a total of 113 participants. The tickets are $40.00 and include lunch and a hand painted ornament. The date is October 25 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 pm at Pipers Grand Manor & Café. The address is 2130 W. Southport Rd Indianapolis IN 46217. Regina is going to the Missouri School and will promote PASI while she is there.

State Fair: The person in charge of the china Painting exhibit at the State Fair had a complaint from an individual that some of the china painting exhibits were copies. The complaint was dismissed because of insufficient evidence. The State Fair people are going to document future complaints and this particular individual may be banned from the State Fair if the complaints become a nuisance. The rules for non-professional pieces are more lenient. Regina reported that the State Fair exhibit and demonstrations went well.

Convention: The 2015 convention dates are April 7; 8 and 9 2015. The theme is “All Creatures Great and Small. “Tables are $50 or $55. This includes covers. Sherry Hoffman and Linda Lane requested a sign (template) that they can use to design the new vendor signs for the convention. They would like to make a basic (not themed) sign so the signs can be reused every year. Sherry would like to make the signs easily folded up for storage after the show. LeAnna said that would be fine. Joyce Dwulet asked if Joanie Van Dyke could sell estate china at the show. Rynnes has not returned their contract. It was discussed and since other vendors have had estate china in their booths there is no reason why Joanie cannot. Joyce will ask her. Several people felt the convention should have a vendor with general supplies such as Red Resist, cones wipe out tools etc. It was suggested that the Brickyard be contacted. They were contacted last year but were in a management change and the current manager did not want to commit. It was suggest we offer to help man the table if that is a problem for them. Helen Hammond has sent out contract to various vendors and is waiting to hear from them. She also passed along Barb’s suggestion that everyone bring their first painted piece. There would be a display with voting in several categories yet to be determined. This would be a fun event. Barb is also painting a squirrel for the convention paint-in. That will take place on Wednesday morning. The show schedule is still tentative and the exact times will be sent out after the first of the year. Helen is working on the entertainment for the banquet. Leanna proposed that instead of separate decorations for the banquet tables we use the decorations from the display tables. Each guild could decide whether or not they wanted to sell their decoration at the banquet. Last year’s Auction went well with a variety of things to be auctioned (other than China) since we all have our stash of china.

New Business LeAnna suggested combining the recording and corresponding secretary duties since almost all guilds receive their copies electronically. Motion was made and seconded. Then it was noted by Joyce that the bylaws would have to be revised. Motion was passed to revise the bylaws at the next meeting The officers for 2015 are:


Sherry Hoeffling

Vice President

Ellen Wilson Pruitt


Sharen Edwards


Carolyn Jung


Irene Adams

Appointed officers are:


Stephanie Manly


Phyllis Gladden

A motion to accept the officers for 2015 was made and passed.

The motion to adjourn the meeting was made and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted

Laura J. Taube, Recording Secretary

  • IWOCP Minutes June 28, 2014

  • The meeting was called to order by President, LeAnna Sherman at 10:45. The minutes were accepted as read. The treasury has $2713.01 in Checking and $8,375.72 in Savings.PASI School: Ellen reported that 51 students are now enrolled. This is a marked decrease in numbers this year. Factors given included, the location, date changes year to year and general decrease in members due to health or family issues. The committee is searching for an alternative location however we will stay at the Sheridan through 2016 as per contract signed previously. The committee is open to suggestions. There will be anopen house on Wednesday as usual as well as a “studio crawl” that evening.State Fair: Regina reported that registration closes July 1. She needs help with staffing demos especially the first week as she will be out of town. Please contact her to schedule a time for you to demo at the Fair.2014 Convention report: Carolyn Jung (CC) reported that PFS netted $1,340.81 this year. The Marten Hotel required an upfront payment of $7,300 which made everyone nervous. The event earnings were as follows: Treasure Chest (a huge raffle) $299, painted bowls auction- $515, vendor booths $475, Surplus store- $ 559, Duck Pond- $495, Demos-$226, Misc.-$324, and Auctions and Drawings –$942. It was noted that weneed to replace the vendor signs. They are very old and several are broken. Sherry Hoeffling offered her husband’s carpentry skills. Linda Lane offered to help Sherry design the new signs! Thanks ladies!1st Lady Luncheon: Ellen reported that the Peony bowls project raised $100,000 for the Riley Children’s Hospital Art Therapy program! The bowlswere sold for $100 each. Good publicity was generated for our art with thisproject. Many thanks to Ellen who planned the effort, to Phyllis and her friends who fired 150 bowls with decals in just 2 days, and to all who painted!2015 Convention: The 2 day show will be held at the Duke Energy buildingat the Metropolis Mall in Plainfield April 8th and 9th with set up April 7th. Helen reported that because this venue is used for parties on the weekends, she was able to get the rooms for Wednesday and Thursday foronly $750 for the 2 days! The price includes tables and clothes and chairs!

Box lunches can be pre-ordered and the banquet will be served there by

caterers. Lodging can be arranged by attendees at nearby hotels. The

facility entrance is marked by a red awning. There is elevator service to the

second floor at this entrance. Maps and a tentative schedule was passed

out to each guild. There will be no guest artist this year in a cost saving

measure. Barb Bougher volunteered to provide a paint- in for the event.

Ellen volunteered to do the publicity and program books for our Convention

for the next few years—until she tires of doing it! Thanks so much Ellen.

Deanna Faust will be the 2015 Show treasurer.

Amended by laws: Leanna passed out copies of the proposed changes to

our by-laws. Clarification was given for Article 8 Section 3-A number 3. “

Notices of regular Board meetings shall be sent by US postal or

electronically 30 days prior to the meeting. “ Minutes of Board meetings

will also be sent out within 30 days of a meeting. The recording secretary

will take minutes and send them to the corresponding secretary. She will

keep a list as to which guilds need to receive notices and minutes either by

mail or electronically and send out this information to all guild presidents

and to all Board members. Current members number 123.

The changes to the By-laws were approved by unanimous show of left

hands. See attached copy of the changes.

The next Board meeting is September 27


, 2014 at the Canby Church at


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15.

Respectfully submitted

Claudia Lindman,

Recording Secretary Pro Tem

By-Law Changes Proposed at June 28, 2014 meeting

  • IWOCP Bylaws Changes 1. Article III- Membership, Section 3, lines 6&7: The numbers nine(9) and six (6) were removed. 2. Article VIII- Board of Directors, Section 3-A. Board Meetings, A. Regular Board Meetings. a. The Board shall meet four times a year. (1) with current officers during the State Show. (2) after installation of new officers. (3) suggest in June (4) suggest in September. b. Notices of regular Board meetings shall be sent by U.S. postal or electronically 30 days prior to the meeting. c. A quorum shall constitute a simple majority of those in attendance. .and three of them shall be state officers (removed). 3. Article X-Standing Committees, Section 3 B. Line 2, It shall cause copies to be sent to the guilds 60 days (removed) in advance of the State Show, at which time they shall be read and acted on by the Board. D. The yearbook committee shall provide a current list of IWOCP members on the IWOCP website. 4. Article XI State Show, Section I An annual State Show shall be held each year. (in April removed). Section 2, A. Responsibility of the annual State Show shall rest upon each Zone on a rotation basis, according to the order in which the guild became affiliated with the state (removed). C. In the event a zone is unable to host a show in its year of rotation the Board of Directors will review the situation ….. 5. Article XII-Indiana World Organization of China Painters Zones Zoning of the state shall be in three (3) zones with the purpose of nominating state officers and the responsibility of the organization of the State Show.
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