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Past Conventions

Many good times have been shared through the years at the numerous conventions. Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit those gatherings of kindred spirits.

Posted by Year, Site, Host Chapter and show Theme

  1. 1971
  2. 1972 Hospitality Inn, Indianapolis
  3. 1973 Holiday Inn, New Castle/Riley China Painters
  4. 1974 Civic Auditorium, LaPorte/ LaPorte Area China Painters
  5. 1975 Turkey Run State Park/Raccoon Valley China Painters, "Flora and Fauna of Indiana"
  6. 1976 Ramada Inn, Kokomo/Kokomo Porcelain Artists
  7. 1977 Holiday Inn Shadeland, Indianapolis/Kokomo Porcelain Artists, "Lucky Seven"
  8. 1978 Holiday Inn, West Lafayette/Lafayette Porcelain Artists, "On the Banks of the Wabash"
  9. 1979 Terre Haute/Clay County Cup and Saucer, "Happiness Is...."
  10. 1980 Holiday Inn, Merrilville/Indiana Dunes Porcelain Artists
  11. 1981 Ramada Inn Brown Co., Nashville/Laughery Valley, "Tulip Time"
  12. 1982 Sheraton Inn Evansville/Evansville River Belles "Heirloom Artistry"
  13. 1983 Airport Hilton, Indianapolis/Greenwood Porcelain Artists "Let's Go Oriental"
  14. 1984 South Bend Century Center/Warsaw China Painters "Art on Porcelain-A Cherished Gift"
  15. 1985 Airport Hilton, Indianapolis/Raintree Porcelain Artists "Wings of Spring"
  16. 1986 Grand Wayne Convention Center, Ft. Wayne/Palette Talk "Rainbow Connection"
  17. 1987 Marriott Hotel, Clarksville/Hoosier "Spring in the Hoosier Hills"
  18. 1988 Sheraton Northeast, Indianapolis/Riley China Painters "Moonlight and Roses"
  19. 1989 Holiday Inn, LaPorte/LaPorte Area China Painters "Spring Fantasy"
  20. 1990 Water Front Plaza, Indianapolis/Raccoon Valley "Heart's Desire"
  21. 1991 Holiday Inn, Lafayette/Kokomo Porcelain Artists "Daisies Are Forever"
  22. 1992 Holiday Inn, Lafayette/Lafayette Porcelain"Today's Treasures-Tomorrow's Heirlooms"
  23. 1993 Holiday Inn, Lafayette/Dunes Porcelain Artists "Spring In the Dunes"
  24. 1994 Executive Inn, Evansville/Evansville River Belles "Springtime Potpourri"
  25. 1995 Marten House, Indianapolis/Greenwood Porcelain Artists "Birds of a Feather"
  26. 1996 Marten House, Indianapolis/Raintree Porcelain Artists "Baskets of Treasures"
  27. 1997 Holiday Inn, Columbus/Bartholomew County "Thanks for the Memories"
  28. 1998 Grand Wayne Hotel, Ft. Wayne/Palette Talk "Treasures to Cherish"
  29. 1999 Holiday Inn, Columbus/Hoosier "Spring Garden Party"
  30. 2000 Ramada Inn Airport, Indianapolis/Central "China Painting is my Cup of Tea"
  31. 2001 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWOCP State Clubs "China Painting Egg-stravaganza"
  32. 2002 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWOCP State Clubs "Bee Crazy About China Painting"
  33. 2003 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWOCP State Clubs "Expressions of Spring"
  34. 2004 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWOCP State Clubs "A Brush in the Hand and Christmas in the Heart"
  35. 2005 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWOCP State Clubs "Butterflies Among the Wildflowers"
  36. 2006 Holiday Inn, Lebanon/IWCOP State Clubs "Hats Off to China Painting"
  37. 2007 Sheraton, Ft. Wayne/IWOCP State Clubs "Raindrops on Roses"
  38. 2008 Marriott East, Indianapolis/IWOCP State Clubs "Bluebird on My Shoulder"
  39. 2009 Marriott East, Indianapolis/IWOCP State Clubs "Mystery at the Marriott"
  40. 2010 Bloomington Convention Center/IWOCP State Clubs "Symphony in Bloom"
  41. 2011 Columbus Holiday Inn/IWOCP State Clubs "Butterflies
  42. 2012 Caribbean Cove Hotel, Indpls/IWOCP State Clubs "Victorian Rendezvous"
  43. 2013 Caribbean Cove Hotel, Indpls/IWOCP State Clubs "Painted Holidays"
  44. 2014 Martin House Indpls "Salute the USA"
  45. 2015 Serendipity Plainfield "All Creatures Great and Small"
  46. 2016 Serendipity Plainfield "In the Garden with Birds, Bees and Butterflies"
  47. 2017 "Recipe for Fun" Bloomington Convention Center
  48. 2018 "A Tribute to China Painters" Kokomo Baymont Inn
  49. 2019 "Poetry on Porcelain" Indianapolis Sheraton Keystone at the Crossing
  50. 2020 "Fifty and Fabulous" Cambira Hotel Westfield, IN

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