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My Teacher Once Told Me

One of IWOCP's late china painting teachers

Harry Hugar left quite a legacy of information through

his students. The greatest compliment to any teacher is the accomplishments of their students. Here one of Harry's students Sherry Hoefling shares some of the insights from Harry.

At my work station tape a plastic bag to the side of my work area to use for a personal trash container. This works well for seminars also. ( Harry Hugar)

The thinner and more liquid the medium the less paint will be deposited on the china. While the more viscous the medium the more paint is left on the china. (Harry Hugar)

The less paint on the china the more matt the finish as there is less flux available for the paint, so the more paint more shine. You can also add flux to your paints and or mediums. (Harry Hugar)

Each firing of lusters in the kiln will have a different effect because of what fired in the kiln last. Luster will be prettier if gold or lusters were fired last. (Harry Hugar)

Exercise in Painting: Place on a tile the 3 primary colors red, blue and yellow in a triangle heavy and close together. Now with a clean brush start pulling out the color leaving a dark, a medium and a light area for each color. Then move the colors towards each other without making mud. Remember to blot off color often. (Harry Hugar)

Stamping: you can remove the wood backing on rubber stamps for more flexibility on curved surfaces. (Harry Hugar)    

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