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Vice Presidential Plate Artists
The artists were juried in by a popular vote of their work displayed at the 2017 Indiana State Fair

1.  Ellen Wilson-Pruitt             Martinsville, IN
2.   Bertie David                         Kokomo, IN
3.   Amy Carroll                          Speedway, IN
4.   Regina Vandivier                Greenwood, IN
5.   Leanna Sherman                Danville, IN
6.   Patricia Bontrager              Kokomo, IN
7.   Shirley Buis                          Plainfield, IN
8.    CJ Laster                             Frankfort, IN
9.   Irene Adams                        Zionsville, IN
10.   Linda Lane                        Indianapolis, IN
11.  Diana Minor                          Columbus, IN
12.  Janet Cooper                       Indianapolis, IN
13.  Jane Spencer                       Portland, IN
14.  Penny Nangle                      Indianapolis, IN
15.  Martha Bechtel                   Noblesville, IN
16.  Alice Paxton                         Portland, IN
17.  Joyce Dwulet                       Greenwood, IN
18.  Sherry Hoefling                  Indianapolis, IN
19.   Carolyn Jung                        Avon, IN
20.   Claudia Lindman                 Bloomington, IN
21.   Betty Ward                          Cumberland, IN
22.   Gretchen Bryant                 Kokomo, IN
23.   Bettie Fields                         Scottsburg, IN
24.   Sherron Pampalone             Crown Point, IN
25.   Grace Dowdy                      Indianapolis, IN
26.   Nancy Price                          Camby, IN
27.    Laura Taube                         Indianapolis, IN
28.    Evie Deveritch                     Bloomington, IN
29.    Sharen Edwards                    Carmel, IN
30.    Pat Elich                                Geneva, IN
31.    Jo Jo Zinschlag                     Kokomo, IN
32.    Debby Query                       Speedway, IN
33.    Lyn Conrad                          Carmel, IN
34.    Joanne Allgeier                   Indianapolis, IN
35.    Neva Boyce                          Kokomo, IN
36.    Karen Harrison                   Kokomo, IN
37.    Barbara Bougher                Ft. Wayne, IN
38.    Carol Psehes                        Ft. Wayne, IN
39.    Debbie Davis                       Brownsburg, IN


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