Indiana World Organization of China Painters - Organization dedicated to the promotion of china painting.
                                    Indiana WOCP  Meeting  October 14, 2018
The meeting was called to order by Bertie David.  She read the minutes of the July 9, 2018 meeting.  The minutes were approved as read with no additions or corrections.  No treasures report was given, however, it was added after the meeting ( IWOCP checking $2707.44,  Savings  $12,380.73.  PASI was paid $180.31 from convention profit.)  Minutes stand as read with the treasurers report added.
Old business: Convention report by Sheran Edwards. It will be at the Sheraton at Keystone at the Crossing>  Set up will be Tuesday April 16 at 6:30 PM.  Convention will be open all day on April 17, and close before the banquet/Luncheon around noon on April 18.   There will be no charge for parking, if you stay at the hotel.  There will be a booth called “Second Chance”, and it will be for donated china and items that you will no longer need.  For the fund raiser booth, each member is to paint a mug with a C. Klein design.  There will be no refunds if vendors cancel. March 15 is the deadline for box lunches and banquet tickets.
New business: Clubs are combining because of  low membership, however, Molly Hammond has formed a new club, name wasn’t decided. 
It was discussed that we have really only two sections in the area,  Northern and Central area.  And who will have the next convention after Central?  It was suggested perhaps Molly’s Club might consider hosting.
Bertie will appoint a nominating committee for officers for next year.
Seven members were present, only two clubs represented.
No further business,  meeting was adjourned, and we had lunch

                                    Indiana WOCP Meeting Sept. 9, 2018

The September 9 meeting was called to order by Pres Ellen Wilson -Pruitt at Lincoln Square. Minutes were read and approved. Balance in the treasury is $ 4762.05

Final 2017 convention report.  Profit of $506.58

2018 convention was discussed and report handed out.  May 10,11 Baymont Inn, 1709 E Lincoln st, Kokomo,   Two day convention approved by the board.
Blooms of Bloomington....Auction at the Banquet displays
Bartholomew...Heirloom Shoppe
Palette talk.....registration raiser booth
Porcelain Firing....demos
New with demos and Heirloom shop
Kokomo...vendors, brochures, Banquet etc

Center pieces...simple using unpainted white china, possibly a tray with china, avoid baskets please

Fund raiser..each member asked to paint a 2x4 box to sell for 10 dollars.please no tooth fairy boxes.  Please give your best effort.

Any questions please call Bertie David

VP project was discussed.  Ellen hoped to receive the china in early October and kick off date will be set.  Ellen will email all participants.

No further business, meeting was adjourned.

Sec. Joyce Dwulet

Member attending. Sharen Edwards.  Linda Lane. Sherry Hoefling. Joyce Dwulet. Ellen Wilson Pruitt. CJ Laster. Laura Taube. Betty Ward

The June 9,2017 meeting of IWOCP was called to order by Pres. Ellen Wilson -Pruitt at Lincoln Square. Minutes were read and approved. Treasurer’s Report $4738.05 in checking. 8378.95 in savings.

Members Patty Kimick passed away. Evie de Veritch is in rehab due to a bad fall, Harriet Schmid has had heart surgery.

2017 convention report: all committees were thanked for their hard work.  At this time there is approximately $190 in the red but not all accounting has been done.  Ideas were discussed for streamlining convention .

The State Fair pieces are to be delivered July 29 from 9-3.  Members were asked to report back to the guilds to ask for help if they needed transportation.

2018 convention will b in Kokomo.

The new project with Mrs Pence was discussed and Ellen is e-mailing all members with details.

The meeting was adjourned.

Sec. Joyce Dwulet

Members present:  Sharen Edwards. Laura Taube. Ellen Wilson-Pruitt. Leanna Sherman. Betty Ward. Shirley Buis. CC Jung. Sherry Hoefling. Linda Lane. Neva Boyce. Gretchen Bryant

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